Our Software Development Kit (SDK) combines support for all of the latest mobile game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine 4) with support for GameFace’s next gen hardware. The onboard Tegra SoC provides Android developers with an unparalleled toolset to create VR experiences for mobile.

GameFace is now a supported device within the Google VR Toolkit, meaning any content created for the Google Cardboard solution will automatically work on GameFace with no configuration. With over 1,000,000 Cardboard devices in the community, Android VR is already the largest VR community in the world.

OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) is lead by Razer and Sensics. It is designed from the ground up to set an open standard for Virtual Reality input devices, games and output with the sole goal of providing the best possible game experience in the Virtual Reality space.

Supporting all the key graphics and compute APIs such as OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenGL 4.5, Android Extension Pack (AEP), DirectX 12.0, and CUDA 6, the onboard Tegra SoC enables advanced graphics features such as Tessellation, Bindless Textures, Voxel Global Illumination (VXGI), MFAA™ (Multi-Frame Antialiasing), improved memory compression, and faster path rendering. With all of these features open for developers to make use of, the Gameface Labs Developer Kit will push the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile applications.

Android, the largest mobile Operating System by some distance, already has a developer base of several million and will provide an obvious choice for content creators looking to build mobile VR experiences - both casual and AAA - in order to reach the largest audience. Our hardware will enable consumers to enjoy that content on one of the fastest mobile devices in existence.